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We do everything here in America with skilled hands. We'll keep you classy and we'll be a better company. A transparent one. Ask us anything.

Recent Posts and News

  • Undershirts - V-Neck vs Crew Neck March 29, 2013
    If you're going to wear an undershirt. It's very important that you wear the correct undershirt and doing that is really quite simple. Your undershirt should never be seen. If you're wearing a tie you can get away with wearing a crew neck but if you're planning on leaving that first button undone. Make sure you have a v-neck on underneath […]
  • What Collar Should You Wear? March 29, 2013
    With so many different collar styles, by having just 2 different types you'll be well ahead of the game.(Click Photo to Enlarge)I'm sure you already knew there are a dozen or more collar types but I'm a firm believer that you only need to be familiar with 3 of them.Button Down: If you are going tie-less.. This is the only permissible collar to […]